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Wing Chun College is a Martial Arts School and teaching you how to self defense with focusing on mind power, body connection, posture, balance, meditation as well in Willoughby, Australia.

Guides and Videos on standing meditation, training forms, and Chi Sau Training.

The school was formed in 2014 following the passing of Grand master Jim Fung, a student of Grand master Chu Shong Tin, who was one of the top student of the legendary Ip Man.


The aim of our school is to pass on the teaching of Grand master Chu Shong Tin in a pure and unadulterated fashion.

How does the college differ?

To the best of my ability I run my school exactly as Chu Shong Tin ran his school in Hong Kong. This is quite different to schools in most western countries.

Chu Shong Tin focused on the internal side of Wing Chun, with an emphasis on students attaining Nim Tau through the Wing Chun stance. This requires long periods practicing standing meditation, and receiving instruction on how to "sing" the spine to achieve the Nim Tau state.

This offers the physiological qualities required to achieve power without resorting to brute strength.

Form training is practiced in-depth, teaching an understanding of the bio-mechanics involved, along with geometrical and leverage aspects of each movement. Once you've obtained a suitable level of skill you'll be taught to generate mind force (or Nim Lik) in each movement of the training form sets.

Practical application, along with the development of fighting reflexes, is addressed during Chi Sau (Sticking Hands) training.

Although this path is slow, difficult and requires commitment, it quickly becomes addictive once one can appreciate and produce this hidden power. If you enjoy using your mind power, and seek to enhance your mental and physical well-being through meditative and physical exercise, you'll enjoy this process.

The Interanl VS. Exteranl Traing Process

The development of skill in an internal style is generally approached in a very different fashion to that of external martial arts. By External martial arts, I mean those that place importance on strength and physical conditioning as a means to developing power.

Accordingly, my definition of an internal style is one that believes physical strength, size, muscularity, etc. will not improve one's ability to a significant degree.  An old man or woman with small stature and little brute strength should still be able to produce devastating force entirely through virtue of their skill, rather than natural physical attributes and conditioning of the body.


Posture, Stance, Tai Gung

Many schools effectively ignore the process of attaining correct posture and alignment of the spine. The consequent level of relaxation may be quite inferior, and training will progress slowly, if at all.

The first aim in this approach is to be able to stand correctly. Students are first taught a form of standing meditation. Before adjusting our posture we need to be able to feel the body properly. This is an ongoing process and , while demanding to begin with, is tremendously gratifying in itself, rather than just a means to an end.

If successful, the student will feel a significantly heightened awareness of the body and an improved ability to control muscular tension.

Classes are friendly and relaxed. 

The martial arts instruction is in depth and hands on.

Adults and children self defense classes are available. So if you are looking for Kung Fu classes in North Shore, be sure to check us out.