Wing Chun is an extremely powerful martial art, utilizing both mind and body to create force for impressive all body types, men and women. Wing Chun is a style of martial art that was invented by a Buddhist nun from the Shaolin Temple in China 300 years ago. It is an extremely effective method of self-defense that does not rely on brute strength or athletic ability. The movements are Simplicity, Directness, Economical or Practical and can be performed people of any age, size or level of fitness.

Why Train With Us?


Our focus is towards developing the skill of Wing Chun in a considered, intelligent fashion. Our style of teaching is caring, sensible and never intimidating. You will learn to defend yourself and enjoy yourself in the process. We are very committed to our student, and aim to provide best teaching available. Our teaching is tailored to the individual,

Not a 'One Size Fits All' approach


The development of skill in an internal style is generally approached in a very different fashion to that of external martial arts. By external martial arts, I mean those that place importance on strength and physical conditioning as a means to developing power.

Accordingly, my definition of an internal style is one that believes physical strength, size, muscularity, etc. will not improve one's ability to a significant degree. An old man or woman with small stature and little brute strength should still be able to produce devastating force entirely through virtue of their skill, rather than natural physical attributes and conditioning of the body.


Many schools effectively ignore the process of attaining correct posture and alignment of the spine. the consequent level of relaxation may be quite inferior, and training will progress slowly, if at all.

The firs aim in this approach is to be able to stand correctly. Students are first taught a form of standing meditation. Before adjusting our posture we need to be able to feel the body properly. This is an ongoing process and, while demanding to begin with, is tremendously gratifying in itself, rather than just a means to an end. If successful, the student will feel a significantly heightened awareness of the body and an improved ability to control muscular tension.

The Internal vs. External Training Process

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