How does Wing Chun College differ?

To the best of my ability I run my school exactly from (My Sifu)Mark Spence. He also run exactly as Chu Shong Tin ran his in Hong Kong. This is quite different to schools in western countries.

Chu Shong Tin focused on the internal side of Wing Chun, with an emphasis on students attaining Nim Tau through the Wing Chun stance. This requires long periods practicing standing meditation, and receiving instruction on how to "sing" the spine to achieve the Nim Tau state. This offers the physiological qualities required to achieve power without resorting to brute strength.

From training is practiced in-depth, teaching an understanding of the bio-mechanics involved, along with geometrical and leverage aspects of each movement. Once you've obtained a suitable level of skill you'll be taught to generate mind force (or Nim Lik) in each movement of the training form sets.

Practical application, along with the development of fighting relaxes, is addressed during Chi Sau (sticking hands) training.

Although this path is slow, difficult and requires commitment, it quickly becomes addictive once one can appreciate and produce this hidden power. If you enjoy using your mind, and seek to enhance your mental and physical well-being through meditative and physical exercise, you'll enjoy this pricess.